Live action elements were captured from the Redwood forests of California for compositing. (Photo: Standardvision, LLC)

For this project, I acted as Art Director and Artist, proposing and directing original digital artwork for multiple screens installed at the Cinemacity entertainment complex.  The artwork was designed specific to the unique qualities of each screen, and a series of themes connects the displays throughout the complex.  The centerpiece of the installation is the high resolution (6,480 x 3,840 pixels) domed-ceiling in the lobby of the second floor.  The images here feature content I had a prominent role in directing and creating.  The screen was designed and installed by StandardVision, LLC, a company providing solutions for architectural integration of LED displays.
Role: Art Director, Artist, Curator
Company: StandardVision, LLC
Location: Beirut, Lebanon
Run Time: Varies
Completed: 2014
Dimensions: 60 x 30 ft. Media Ceiling 
The journey starts in an underwater cave deep below the surface. (Photo: StandardVision)
(Photo: StandardVision)
(Photo: StandardVision)
A live action shoot in-house to collect elements for compositing. (Photo: StandardVision)
Location scouting for environments to shoot. (Photo: Sinziana Velicescu)
The Redwood forests of California.
Timelapse shoot for the production. (Photo: Sinziana Velicescu)
Compositing and post-production.
The relationship of the domed-ceiling to the audience. (Image: StandardVision)
In-house testing of content on the same panels to be used on-site in Beirut.
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