Demonstrating the interactive component of 'Flipbook (re)Cycle' (Photo: Jason Poncheri)

Flip-book (re)Cycle is an interactive artwork where visitors could 'remix' animated cycles using an iPad controller. The cycles were created by Baltimore residents during a workshop I instructed prior to the Light City: Hampden Lights Festival. The goal was to provide a way for visitors to the installation to create an artwork in the installation space in real-time.
During the animation workshop prior to the festival, community members created flip-books which I digitally scanned and made into animated video cycles. Using Modul8, a VJ software application, I imported the video cycles and programmed which attributes could be manipulated in real-time, including scale, rotation, speed, and adding effects. I used TouchOSC, a modular OSC and MIDI control surface for iPad, to build an iPad controller interface that visitors could use to 'remix' the animations in real-time. The original paper flip-books were showcased alongside the interactive installation, so that visitors could manually flip through the paper animations. 

Role: Public Art Commission
Client: Baltimore City
Run Time: Varies
Completed: 2016
Specifications: 16' diameter geodesic dome projection, rear window projections, interior projections, interactive component, community workshop  
Users could adjust scale, rotation, and speed of animations (Photo: Lloyd Fox)
Interactive station where visitors 'remixed' animated cycles (Photo: Lloyd Fox)
The controller interface for 'Flipbook (re)Cycle (Photo: Chris Brannan)
Flipbook station at the workshop a few weeks before the festival (Photo: Christina Ralls)
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