SONOLUMIN is an animated 360 fulldome film completed in 2018. The film premiered in August to launch the first Macon Fulldome Festival. The film was made with support from the Knight Foundation and the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Macon, GA.
LOGLINE: SONOLUMIN is a stop-frame animated 360° fulldome film exploring the relationship of light, sound, and space. The still below is a fisheye projection of the film.
Role: Commissioned Artist
Score: Thad Anderson
Client: The Knight Foundation, Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA
Run Time: 5:00
Completed: 2018 
Setting up for a late night shoot of stop frame light paint animation
Interview with the 11th Hour magazine in Macon. Link in description.
A fisheye projection image from the film.
Poster for the film.
The film used stop frame light paint animation, caputred with long exposure photography.
The graphic elements in the filmwere extruded into real world space uisng the pixelstick.
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