'Stardancers' Waltz' in the Otterbox Dome in Fort Collins, CO (Photo: Ben Gondrez)

Stardancer's Waltz is an animated 360 fulldome film completed in 2017. A Virtual Reality adaptation of the film was created in 2018. The VR version is best watched at full resolution.

Select screenings include Astra Film Festival, Cineglobe Film Festival at CERN, Festival Internacional De Video-Arts Y Musica Visual, JENA Fulldome Festival: The Power of Twelve, MORPHOS Digital Dome Art Showcase, IMERSA Summit, Immersive Film Festival 2017, and the Macon Film Festival.
Role: Commissioned Artist
Music: Mike Mills and Robert McDuffie
Client: Museum of Arts and Sciences, Macon, GA
Run Time: 10:19
Completed: 2017 (Fulldome) and 2018 (Virtual Reality)
The film screened at CERN for the Cineglobe Film Festival (7/18) Photo: F. Moncarey
A fisheye projection image from the film.
Poster for the film.
Screening before the film's premiere at the Macon Film Festival 2017 Photo: Woody Marshall
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