For this specific commission for VAA, it was my goal to engage clubhouse visitors in the beautiful settings of Los Angeles through shifting lightscapes, subtle movement, and vivid color.  Pulling from my personal experience as an LA resident, I focused on isolated moments that encapsulate the experience of the city, the landscape, and the environment in the area.  The artwork runs on a 30-minute loop, exploring surf, city, and nature moving from daytime to nighttime.  The clubhouse architecture and design is a collaboration between Slade Architecture and Virgin Atlantic’s In-House design team — The media wall installation rests at the heart of clubhouse's dining area. An additional 30-minute artwork was commissioned in 2017.
Role: Solo Artist Commission
Client: Virgin Atlantic Airways
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Run Time: 30 minute loop
Completed: 2015 & 2017
Dimensions: 11 x 6 ft. media wall 
Inside the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LAX (Photo: Tom Sibley)
Inside the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse at LAX (Photo: Christopher Brannan)
Lounge area looking to the media wall (Photo: Tom Sibley)
The media wall is situated in 'The Conversation' area (Photo: Christopher Brannan)
Photo: Christopher Brannan
Photo: Tom Sibley
The artwork and boarding area for VAA aircrafts (Photo: Tom Sibley)
Collecting live action elements to composite with animations. (Photo: Christopher Brannan)
Collecting live action elements to composite with animations (Photo: Christopher Brannan)
Live action elements were composited with animation to create the final artwork
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